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For one of our clients Triple EEE is looking for 3 project engineers with specific roles. Working for this client means working at one of the most enhanced LNG facilities of the world with cutting edge technology and facilities. You will be part of shaping the future of the entity by providing deep technical expertise whilst developing and/or executing projects. Your work will be fundamental for future success of the LNG business within the company, and you will be given the responsibility in your domain to make it happen. The company deploys a project management system that includes all project phases and assurance from assess to operate and even abandonment phase.

We are looking for experienced project engineers with relevant expertise in the requested fields below. Overall people interested must be capable of working in an international environment, be able to drive their projects whilst at the same time ensure knowledge and expertise transfer to local staff. The relevant experience levels are mentioned below but next to that personal and process safety knowledge and a flawless reputation in these fields is a must.

The jobs will secure the future of the clients LNG business, are innovative and carry a wide range of diversity in projects making the jobs attractive and interesting since you will be representing the client.

Job description

The project excellence lead has a specific role to play which entails a twofold challenge. Whilst on the one hand the incumbent will need to actively work on project close out activities, in parallel the specific knowledge for project close out will need to be captured, recorded and transferred. So, part of the role is to ensure the job can be done even when you have left after the assignment.

The Project Excellence Lead will lead a small team of local engineers which play a role in closing out all relevant projects in the LNG site. By centralizing the approach for project closure the company wants to streamline the approach, ensure better handover to the asset management teams and reduce cost.

The incumbent will be responsible for quality management within the project close out domain, setting up the ways of working including the assurance steps needed to make sure the approach will stick over time. The work will be done from the client’s location.

Main characteristics:

  • To set up and develop a ‘Projects Close-out’ team (receives projects after CSU – documentation punches, as-built drawings, push financial closure etc…)
  • Drive the usual Project Excellence type activities too


  • Proactively analyze potential project close out issues and ensure flawless project closure becomes the standard
  • Contract management at project close out once handover and accepted from the project manager
  • Is and stays current on key project processes, procedures and (technology) developments that could involve a change to, or improvement of projects managed in their close out phase
  • Apply world class project management and IT control/assurance methodologies, standards and processes including scope management, risk management and contract management
  • Provide effective leadership to assigned project staff ensuring compliance with project standards, processes, as well as assurance and controls.

Applicant criteria

  • 10+ years’ experience in Projects, strong pref. if held a role similar to above.

Must have knowledge and skills:

  • Strong background in project services enabling creation of project close out structure, processes and procedures which are world class yet practical
  • General understanding of all relevant stakeholders in the project processes, including internal and external parties in view of data, contract and information management
  • Sound understanding of project contracting and procurement routines including contracts, contract closure and financial processes connected with these activities
  • Experience in transferring knowledge, whereby the character must enable grease to make it work and glue to make it stick at the same time
  • The will to create a structure and routines that will last even when incumbent has left the position and thus create a legacy which works for decades to come
  • Select and use fit for purpose project management methods to manage the project delivery.
  • Works closely with the other members of the owner’s team to create maximum input of existing operational and asset management experience into the project before execution
  • Assures successful record keeping, (minimum) change management, iteration planning, and elaboration of the end user acceptance, thereby continuously improving the future project cycles.
  • Plan, execute, monitor, control, and close all aspects of the project closeout as defined by the client’s project and/or Agile Delivery Framework.
  • Create and validate financial forecasts and provide ongoing reconciliation of resources and expenditures.




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