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Opportunity Framing

There are many examples of projects in the Oil & Gas industry where a path was selected that resulted in significant value erosion. Learnings often are that better initial planning through Front-End Loading would have increased the chance of successful delivery, creating more value:

Opportunity Framing, also known as road mapping, is a recognized part of the Front-End Loading process and is an industry best practice for any Oil & Gas related project or major undertaking, such as for example a field development, to ensure a high-quality plan right at the kick off. Additional benefits are stakeholder involvement and alignment, a focused and motivated team, a structured and integrated roadmap and associated action plan, risk mitigation, clarity on decisions, and a better ability to deal with changes, thus laying the foundation for successful project delivery.

For best results, a structured process is facilitated in a multi-disciplinary Opportunity Framing workshop. Triple EEE hitherto offered this as part of the overall package of services related to the Opportunity Realization Process and value assurance. As such, we have conducted many Opportunity Framings in the past, both by facilitating these workshops, but also by providing Subject Matter Experts. Since it is such an important subject to help companies set up the right way and create value, we have elevated it as a discrete service.

For more information, please look at the service page of Opportunity Framing or contact us at

Supplier license Petronas renewed


We are very pleased to announce that Petronas has renewed the License of Triple EEE Sdn Bhd to deliver Consultancy and Recruitment  Services for a period of three Years.

We look forward to continuing our relation with Petronas.









Field Rejuvenation

Triple EEE Management Support B.V. developed another service that can help you to sustain your business in the current days of low oil prices. Our Field Rejuvenation program aims to breathe new life into mature, depleted assets with existing infrastructure and access to market. This can offer an exciting and profitable business proposition, potentially unlocking many millions of dollars in revenues. Please take a moment to contemplate how value could be created in your depleted fields by a one of these rejuvenation opportunities, such as:

  • Well interventions to restore production
  • Sweet spot and infill drilling potential
  • Missed, bypassed or deeper pay potential
  • Enhanced recovery techniques
  • Tie-back of nearby discoveries
  • Near Field Exploration potential

One aim of our program is to identify quick wins that could unlock revenues in the short term. These opportunities could exist in the form of impaired wells, reservoir sweetspots, undrained compartments, and additional pay, that can be accessed cheaply through interventions of existing wells. In addition, we can help you build plans to realize value in the longer term, such as through acquiring seismic, drilling infill wells or horizontal side tracks, well stimulation. Opportunities could be in enhanced recovery, tie-back of adjacent discoveries and production reliability. We can also help achieve improved operational and safety performance.

Triple EEE experts can help you achieve such quick wins, as well as plan and prepare for the longer term. By taking a close look at the available data, asking the right questions and by setting the right priorities, jointly with you and your staff, we can unlock value in your assets. This could also benefit M&A activities, where identification of upside potential may have considerable deal value, both on seller and buyer’s side.

If you are interested to hear more about Field Rejuvenation, let us arrange a telecom to jointly discuss opportunities. If you are able to provide some baseline data, we can even create a scope of work for you to contemplate.

Renewable Energy: Strong Growth in Coming Decades

Renewable energy is generally defined as energy that is collected from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, biomass, hydro-electrical and geothermal energy. Rapid deployment of renewable energy and efficiency gains during storage and transport will result in significant energy security, climate change mitigation and economic benefits. In the public opinion there is strong support for pursuing renewable energy sources.

Some countries, such as Iceland and Norway, already generate all their electricity using renewable energy, and at least 30 nations around the world have renewable energy contributing more than 20 percent of their energy supply. National renewable energy markets are projected to continue to grow strongly in the coming decades, since many countries have set a goal to reach 100% renewable energy in the future. In addition, at the Paris climate conference in 2015, many countries adopted the first-ever universal, legally binding global climate deal, governing greenhouse gases emissions measures from 2020 onwards, with the goal of reducing global warming. In this context, governments and companies will want to start generating power sustainably, using available renewable energy sources to their fullest extent.

Many renewable energy projects will be large-scale, multi-year, complex and capital intensive. Methodologies, concepts and processes applicable to the design, construction, maintenance and operations of these capital projects in the renewable energy business are common to the oil & gas industry. Based on our experience and expertise with capital projects, we can therefore support the renewable energy business. For example, we can help you with the processes, and can provide expert resources to jointly unlock the full potential of your assets. For more info, please see: Renewable Energy 

If you are interested to hear more, let us arrange a telecom to jointly discuss opportunities.

Drilling the Limit

Triple EEE Management Support B.V. further developed a service which can help our Clients to sustain your business in the current days of low oil prices. Our Drilling the Limit program has been designed to drive optimum performance efficiency and effectiveness in well delivery operations. This can then form a basis for further development and production optimization programs.

Please take a moment to contemplate how your business could be impacted by a sustainably improved well delivery in the form of safer, faster and cheaper wells. Please ask yourself objectively whether your well delivery performance is where you want it to be and whether your HSE track record could be further improved. To begin with, is it possible to save any time in drilling your wells? What if the gains are higher than you have considered possible till now? What if these gains were in the order of 20-30%, which have been achieved in industry.

Experience has shown that significant improvements are possible. Initial time saving can be 10-30% per well in a campaign, thereafter potentially increasing to 30-60%.

Triple EEE has the Experience and Expertise to help you achieve this, through applying a variety of tested and proven methodologies. Starting this now could even relieve next year’s budget through implementation of a number of quick wins and set you up for the longer term sustained improvement that is so important in the current oil price climate.

If you are interested to hear more, let us arrange a telecom to jointly discuss opportunities. If you are able to provide some baseline data, we can even create a scope of work for you to contemplate, free of charge and confidential.

Senior Consultant Exploration and Unconventionals.

We are very pleased to announce that Hans van Marle joined Triple EEE Management Support as Senior Consultant Exploration and Unconventionals.
Hans retired from Shell recently. He is a proven oil and gas finder with 27 years of experience as an exploration geologist in several international assignments. He has worked on a wide variety of petroleum basins and settings across the globe, from Offshore Deepwater to Onshore Unconventionals, from basin scale to prospect level, from opportunity identification to appraisal of discoveries, operated and non-operated.

In general his areas of expertise : Petroleum geology, data evaluation, drilling operations, data rooms, asset reviews, volume estimation, risk and uncertainty analysis, portfolio management, project management & execution, business planning, performance tracking, assurance, economic forecasting, contracting & procurement, permitting, contract negotiations.

We look forward to working with Hans and we wish him all the best in his career with Triple EEE. He will be available for our Clients for short term consultancy and to deliver our standard services.

New suite of reservoir software

Starting April 2015 Triple EEE expands the services to it’s clients globally with a suite of software packages delivering fast and reliable solutions for planning, modelling and development of gas and oil fields.

The packages comprise integrated asset modelling for gas field production/asset planning, advanced reservoir simulations, history matching, oil field development planning and fault seal/subsurface stress analysis.

The cooperation with the software developer complements Triple EEE’s provision of Value Assurance Services: assist companies to bring focus in projects and ventures, reduce waste, increase sustainability and execute development/production in the most time- and cost effective manner.

For further information, demo, trial and pilot studies with original data please contact directly our Sr Upstream Consultant Bert Lambers, or 0031152153484 or our office in UAE, KL or RIjswijk.

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