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Competitive Intelligence Strategic Planning


Triple EEE IT Services will help you identify opportunities for creating or strengthening your competitive intelligence capability to maximise growth and sustain your competitive edge.  We will work with you to identify pain points and key competitors and help define a strategic plan which fits your aspirations.  We will help to turn the data mountain into actionable insights that will help you win more deals, gain more market share or prepare to launch a new product armed with a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace.

Value Proposition

There is so much data available to us today that it can often be overwhelming and rarely gets interpreted into actionable insights.  There are more tools than ever available to gather external data on competitors, customers and markets. Without clear strategic goals and a model to gather, distribute and use this data we miss the opportunity to gain and sustain our competitive advantage.


Triple EEE’s experienced competitive intelligence professionals can work with you to align your business strategy with the intelligence you need to gather and use to answer your key business headaches.  We will evaluate what you already have and where this can be enhanced to ensure you have a fit for purpose, right-sized competitive intelligence organisation that is properly integrated in your company.  We will make recommendations for corporate data utilisation, any external resources and an approach for the change and communications necessary to ensure this gets embedded. 


Our experts will work in close partnership with you to introduce industry best practice models and approaches that add value and deliver results, and work jointly with you on a fit for purpose strategy.


Our lead consultant is recognised in the global competitive intelligence community as an expert, worked with industry thought leaders and spoken at CI industry conferences.  


Timelines for implementing the different options can be discussed and will be dependent on the size and complexity of your organisation and overall goals.


Triple EEE’s competitive intelligence services can be purchased separately or as an end-to-end solution including:

  1. An assessment of what is existing in your company with recommendations for change.
  2. An evaluation of the products and services that will meet your needs and help negotiate a collaboration with a chosen partner.
  3. A competitive intelligence strategy
  4. A collaborative implementation of the strategy into your organisation


For more information about this service please contact Hugo Cerutti – via email on or via phone on +31-6-46140513.



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