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Summary–IT Cost Optimisation

Triple EEE IT Services will assess the security and complianceofyour SAP Systems against the de-facto industry standard of the SAP Security Baseline.The SAP Security Baseline definesa minimum set of secu-rity requirements to keep yourbusiness-critical SAP systems secure with regards to SAP parameters, spe-cific settings, users and their access rights. The assessment also checks if components like the kernel, ap-plication layer, database layer and operating system layer are on a current version.The assessment deliv-ers a clearly structured report and is invaluable input to your SAP risk posture

Value Proposition

In the current low oil price environment CIOs are under enormous pressure to demonstrate the value of IT. Fundamental to this is understanding and optimizing the full IT cost stack so that every dollar of IT spend can be justified.
By undertaking a full review of the IT cost stack, potential opportunities for cost savings will be identified in areas such as infrastructure estate clean-up, application portfolio rationalization, cloud migration, process, and delivery model optimization.
By pursuing cost saving opportunities it will be possible to reduce run and maintain budgets and divert funding to investment projects that help deliver business growth.


The identification of cost saving opportunities will be undertaken by reviewing the last three years of IT budgets relevant strategy, process and delivery model plans and in discussion with key personnel - including finance and IT departmental leads.
Recommendations will be aligned with the Technology Business Management framework.


The assessment will be carried out by recognized professionals with a minimum 15 years relevant experience in IT cost management, governance and operations in the Oil & Gas Industry.


The effort of the initial cost stack review depends on the size of the IT budget under consideration. For limited scope reviews paper assessments (including interviews) can be conducted from an effort of 15 man-days. Assessments resulting in firm recommendations for cost take out will require a minimum of 30 man-days.


The assessment will produce one or more reports depending on the scope. The reports will identify and rank areas where significant cost take out can be delivered. In addition, areas were process and organizational improvements can be made will be identified.

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