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Pump performance

Pump performance is an important contributor to the overall plant availability and as such the quality of how the pumps are operated and maintained (including the repair) is of prime importance. Maintenance cost for pumps can add negatively to the bottom line of the facility big time, since an overhaul means changing seals, bearings and probably balancing the dynamic package next to wear and tear parts being renewed. During repair room for error is present which results in “not first time right” revisions.  Triple EEE can help you overcome the majority of the issues involved. The approach for the support would be to start with a 3-day review on the current pump management process and address through structured interviews with key staff and data reviews amongst others: 

  • RCM process:  decision making process on selection of type of maintenance 
  • Pump inspection process: roles and responsibilities of operational, maintenance and engineering staff, procedures and instructions, tools, reporting, etc. 
  • Pump repair process and workshop: procedures and instructions, staff competencies, data management, spare part management including storage, seal repair and testing, pump testing, reporting, etc. 
  • MTBM review and aspiration level (>> 120 months) 

The data gathered during the 3-day review will be assessed and used to develop a pump improvement plan with clear performance targets and monitoring actions.  
The review would be executed by a senior reliability and rotating equipment engineer.

What is the size of the price? The price comes in two ways: first and foremost, in money saved, let us assume that a company now has an MTBM of 80 months for its 200 pumps installed and is capable of lifting that to 100 months in a two-year period. This would mean that the company will repair 40 pumps less in the 6-year interval thus with an average of 10000 euros per revision will save a serious amount of money. Is this conservative? >> 120 months MTBM is the norm, and since normally the bad actors dictate the average revision price, the 10 kE might be on the low end (and does not include lost production time), thus indeed there is much more money to be gained if your performance is as per the example. 
Secondly the reliability increase, results in an availability increase, thus less interventions by production, engineering and maintenance who can focus on the next level threats and increase overall plant performance once more. 


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