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Concept Identification in Field Development


Concept Identification is where the technical feasibility of the project is evaluated. A range of possible subsurface models of the reservoir should be described. At the same time, different surface concepts are investigated. Each combination of subsurface and surface is a possible outcome for the project. The aim of Concept Identification is to determine if there is a feasible development, that is, one that meets the commercial screening criteria. If so, the project can proceed to the next stage. If not, then the project should be halted or reviewed. In a portfolio of projects, a clear decision is essential to ensure effort is focused on the best projects.


This service is designed to combine discipline work to arrive at an integrated view of the project. It should be performed when the subsurface staff have created a reservoir model, and has run various possible forecasts, the well engineering and production technology staff have a simple catalogue of well types and performance, and the surface engineers are able to describe various surface concepts.


The integration of the discipline work is carried out in a workshop, and each discipline must be represented. The workshop is run by an experienced facilitator. There will be a large number of options, and so a very structured workflow is used:

  • Subsurface/Well Engineering:
    • Make list of key uncertainties
    • Describe range of outcomes
    • Create realisations
  • Surface:
    • List key decisions
    • List options for each decision
    • Create possible concepts
  • Development:
    • Define screening criteria
    • Create development scenarios
    • Assess feasibility against criteria
    • If feasible, shortlist concept(s) to take forward


  • A set of subsurface realisations
  • A set of focus decisions
  • The range of options for each decision
  • And either: at least one concept that passes screening criteria,
  • Or: Proof there is no concept that passes screening criteria.


A 2 day workshop with the client development team, plus preparation and follow-up as required.


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