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Inspection Management (Risk Based)


The course provides the participants basic knowledge of Inspection Management by applying Risk based Inspection.

Designed for

Staff involved in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of petrochemical plants.


  • State the objectives of Inspection, Integrity and strategies for optimizing the effort
  • Apply the Risk concept and work with a Risk Matrix.
  • Understand the different degradation mechanisms
  • Understand the different NDT techniques and POD
  • Understand the importance of the operating windows
  • Work out based on Risk, Degradation Mechanisms and POD the inspection interval
  • Write effective inspection plans
  • Identify organizational structures and their impact on availability, Reliability and Integrity.
  • Understand shut-down management
  • Recognize procedures and procedural issues
  • Recognize the importance of Data and appreciate the concept of performance monitoring
  • Recognize the importance of Maintenance management systems (Close the loop)

Competences addressed

  • Asset Management
  • Risk Concept
  • Data control
  • Degradation mechanisms
  • Risk based Inspection
  • NDT (Non destructive testing)
  • Shutdown Management.
  • Maintenance Management Systems (MMS)
  • Work procedures.
  • Performance monitoring.


This course can be arranged for at client's location and can tailored to the client's wishes


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