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Health, Safety & Environment Management

People, Planet, Profit is a simple yet effective way of summarising the Sustainable Development aspirations of today’s Oil & Gas (both Up- and Downstream) and Energy industry. Sustainable Development is not a specific activity, but rather an outcome of the need to balance short and long term interests and to integrate environmental, social and economic considerations into Business or Opportunity/Project decision making. As such, People, Planet, Profit can be translated into identifying, assessing and managing Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Risks in a cost effective manner. In other words: HSE Risks need to be reduced and consequences mitigated to a level which is both ‘Tolerable’ (that is, within all legislative and other relevant external requirements) and ‘As Low As Reasonably Practicable’ (that is, to the point – objectively assessed – at which the time, trouble, difficulty and cost of further reduction measures become unreasonably disproportionate to the additional risk reduction achieved). To demonstrate effective HSE management, companies are required to execute and document extensive HSE studies/reviews, starting in the early stages of the Opportunity/Project Realisation Process and to be maintained throughout the life of the assets/facilities. Triple EEE can provide experienced specialist staff to support customers in such HSE studies and reviews.

Current examples of Services & Training that Triple EEE can design and offer to customers in this area include:


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