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Risk Identification & Management

Critically important for any Business and associated Opportunities/Projects is the timely, systematic and thorough identification, assessment and management of Risks (both upside and downside) which may impact the envisaged Business or Opportunity/Project objectives. This may be in a Health, Safety & Environment, in a Financial/Legal or in a Technical, Economical, Commercial, Organisational and Political sense, but typically has the potential to erode value as well as to cause reputational damage. Risk identification and assessment needs to take place during all stages of the Opportunity/Project Realisation Process and by all relevant individual disciplines, as well as in an integrated and holistic manner. A professional Risk response/management strategy can include or be a combination of taking, treating, transferring or terminating Risks. Cost and planning consequences need to be reflected in Business or Opportunity/Project plans.

Current examples of Services & Training that Triple EEE can design and offer to customers in this area include:



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