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Opportunity / Project Realisation Process

In today’s Oil & Gas (both Up- and Downstream) and Energy industry, significant financial commitments are made both for Commercial Opportunities – including business transactions, joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions, divestments – and Capital Projects (both green- and brownfield). These investment commitments have wide ranging and long term implications, not only during design and execution of the Opportunity/Project, but also during subsequent operation & maintenance, upto/including abandonment and decommissioning of the assets/facilities. Based on international best practices a decision based stage gate methodology has therefore been developed by the industry to maximize value creation throughout the entire Opportunity/Project life cycle. Details and terminology of this Opportunity/Project Realisation Process may differ between individual businesses/companies, but fundamental principles are all the same, including distinct maturation stages – e.g. Identify & Assess, Concept Select, Define, Execute and Operate. Indisputably, benchmarking results stress the importance of Front End Loading, where significant resources and efforts need to be applied in the initial phases of the Opportunity/Project to maximize long term value.

Current examples of Services & Training that Triple EEE can design and offer to customers in this area include:

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