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Introduction to Unconventional Plays for Management


Unconventional plays (primarily Tight Gas/Oil, Shale Gas/Oil and CBM), also referred to as resource plays, are rapidly gaining momentum in the oil & gas industry. In particular in the USA, the ‘shale gas evolution’ has had a remarkable impact during the last decennium. Large quantities of oil and gas are now being produced from Unconventional plays, impacting supply & demand, creating jobs and boosting the economy. The potential for successful Unconventional play development also exists in other parts of the world, but while these plays share a foundation with conventional projects, there are many risks and challenges that are special to onshore resource plays, including non-technical issues.

Designed for

This course provides a quick introduction to these unconventional reservoirs and their complexity. It is specifically aimed at senior managers in E&P companies, governments and investment companies who want to raise their awareness about Unconventional plays.


At the completion of this learning event, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Unconventional resource plays and the differentiation versus conventional oil & gas prospects
  • Recognize the main value drivers, enabling better understanding of business proposals and better decision making
  • Appreciate the need for integration of disciplines to deliver an Unconventional project across its life cycle and thus the need for integrated, decision-based planning
  • Have a broad consideration of the risks of Unconventional Plays across the TECOP spectrum (Technical, Economic, Commercial, Organizational and (Socio-)Political)

Course content:

  • General introduction
  • Fundamentals of Unconventional plays
  • Screening criteria
  • Sweet spots
  • Value drivers
  • Learning curves
  • Discipline integration
  • External challenges
  • Examples of global Unconventional plays
  • Learnings from global projects


The course is best provided at the client’s office. It can be tailored to the audience, and the time can be adjusted from several hours to a full day. A hand-out will be provided.

The course is interactive with time for Q&A. Participants are therefore encouraged to bring examples from their own activities for discussion.

Your Triple EEE contact person is a Subject Matter Expert in this business field, he is well suited to instruct the course. Whilst on site, he can be made available for quality advice and consultancy on your projects.


0.5 - 1 day


For more information about this training please contact us through the Client Enquiry Communication form on this site, or send us an email at



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