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Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is defined as:
Competent people, working together in teams with an 'enterprise first' mind-set, understanding where improvement areas exist and executing a plan that delivers results in a business where:

  • There is no harm to people or the environment (health, safety, security and environment)
  • All assets are safe and we know it (Asset Integrity/Process Safety)
  • Products are consistently manufactured as economically as possible (production)
  • Spent is only what it takes to ensure value is delivered (cost)
  • Each individual contributes to their full capability (people).

Operational Excellence aims to maximise value creation from existing Assets and new Production, through top quartile operating performance. This will be achieved when:

  • top quartile performance in production safety, integrity, reliability and direct unit operating cost is delivered on a year-by-year basis
  • Global recognition is received for consistent leading operational performance when compared to competitors
  • it can be stated with confidence that people are proud to be part of a leading production organisation.

The Operational Excellence in Production program does not replace the need for a separate HSSE management system.

Operational Excellence is complimentary in scope, dealing with the technical safety, availability of equipment and reliability to ensure production success. A separate HSSE management system is required to ensure all aspects of health, safety, security and the environment are managed effectively.


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