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Shutdown Management

Designed for

Graduates in mechanical, electrical, civil or instrument engineering from universities or technical colleges with 5 to 10 years of total work experience and at least 3 years of field experience preferably in the maintenance of refineries, gas or chemical plants.


To give the participants:

  • A proper understanding of the role of maintenance in the functioning of an operating unit, the effect it can have on business performance and how it can contribute towards obtaining the maximum return from existing assets.
  • Knowledge on the techniques and skills applied in shutdown management.


This course will provide participants with theoretical and practical skills necessary to:

  • Explain and apply the knowledge of economics of plant performance, utilisation and availability
  • Explain and apply the knowledge of key elements of managing human resources
  • Explain and apply all the steps in the shutdown management business process like HSE, setting premises, scope optimization, decontamination workshops, critical path challenge workshops, execution, contractor management, flawless and quality management.
  • Apply effective shutdown techniques and use managerial tools to achieve optimum results
  • Select and use relevant performance indicators

Competences addressed

  • Applying and supporting HSE
  • Resourcing for business objectives
  • Risk management.
  • Working with corporate mission and vision
  • Decontamination techniques
  • Scope challenge risk based and planning
  • Developing budgets
  • Recognise/satisfy customer needs/expectation
  • Using IT for controlling/improving work results
  • Building and maintaining teams
  • Quality Management
  • Reviewing and monitoring business performance

Information for participants

Candidates should have gathered sufficient work experience and displayed the aptitude to take on responsibilities for managing shutdowns in a refinery, gas or chemical plant.

Basic knowledge about the processes in these plants is a requirement.
In this shutdown Management course, the participants are given an opportunity to work with real cases.

The whole course will be very interactive in learning how to manage your shutdowns. All the tools and techniques will be explained and participants will work on the cases to develop a total plan for improving the shutdown management performance. Also soft issues to manage change will be addressed.


This course can also be presented on site.

The course content and lecture can also be "tailor made" to ensure that the most relevant subjects per site will be addressed in an adequate way and the technical level is adjusted to suit the competence of the participants


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