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Root cause Analysis


The RCA approach has as its core philosophy the belief that long term improvements in efficiency and effectiveness require a constant drive to seek out the Root Cause of problems. The ultimate goal is to find the most responsible solution(s) to prevent problems recurring.

Designed for

All staff charged with analysing and understanding the deeper causes of quality, maintenance, health, safety and environmental incidents, with a view to taking preventive actions.


To provide participants with a single RCA model capable of analysing any situation that deviates from a norm, expectation or specification.


To enable participants to:

  • Apply a single methodology to analyse and learn from incidents and mistakes, both HSE and business/management related
  • Understand the nature of root causes and the three different categories of causes
  • Efficiently seek the most likely out of many possible causes and
  • Choose effective solutions to reduce the risk of the causes from recurring
  • Understand the relationship between RCA and other risk reducing methodologies such as FMEA, RCM, PPA and TRIPOD etc.
  • Improve questioning and facilitation skills for analysing incidents
  • Write an RCA report in less than one hour !


This course can be arranged for at client's location and can tailored to the client's wishes.


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